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Wax Resin is the hybrid solution in formulation and function. Economical grade to the film (PP, PE, PVC) label printing, but premium to the paper label (coated and uncoated). The one-for-all-solution in thermal transfer printer technology, both flat head and edge head.

Its main feature is that it can be applied on practically all film and paper label face stock.

This grade is easily recognized as being highly adaptable and good scratch resistance. The back-coat gives print head protection for longer print life.

Our Wax Resin grade consist of several type, to suit your every printer needs

         HW220A Standard wax resin is known for exceptionally versatile and using low heat print setting. And the characteristic is stable for up to 8ips print speed. Please follow link below to download HW220A Standard Wax Resin ribbon datasheet


         HW220PX Premium Wax/Resin Near Edge is the premium wax resin for edge printer, suitable for label printer (Avery and TEC printers) and TTO printer (Markem and Videojet printers). Maximum speed is 32ips makes this ribbon suitable for TTO printers. Please follow link below to download HW220PX Standard Wax Resin ribbon datasheet